Friday, March 20, 2015

Fool for Fabric Friday

Life has been crazy here (weather included.. boo, hiss...) and after working through the past weekend, even the days of the week became a bit mixed up for me.  I figured all this was a good excuse reason to finally spend a gift certificate from Mad About Patchwork that I had been saving since... ahem, last summer (can't believe I held out this long... excuse me while I pat myself on the back for showing such restraint... hee hee).
Just a few of the "pretties" I selected from Pam's lovely shop, Mad About Patchwork.

I love fabric. Seriously.  It's kind of crazy just how much.  Ha!  That's no secret, you're thinking.  Well, okay, so you may have guessed I'm a bit of a fool for fabric. 

Left to right ~  Basics: Netorious in Plummy; True Colors: Mod Dot in Orchid; Basics: XOXO in Plummy; Follie: Striation in Plum; Franklin: Geometric Calico in Glade; Follie: Leaves in Plum; Botanics: Foliage in Fern Metallic; Moonlit: Arrows in Mint;  Basics: Dottie in Bluebird;  Sun Print: Mercury in Chartreuse;  Up Parasol: Cakewalk in Green;  Pearl Bracelet: Key Lime;  Up Parasol: Devon Check in Green;  Moon Shine: Static Dot in Indigo; Biology: Fauna;  Playful: Word Find in Navy;  Mochi: Hot Cross Buns in Natural

I enjoy spending countless hours lusting after admiring fabric online (or in person, any chance I get), even filling virtual shopping carts like it's a sport and I'm in training for the fabric Olympics. ;o)

Just one example of my fabric mosaic making diversions. ;o)
My fabric addiction has progressed  further.  Now I'm making virtual mosaics that I keep in a folder on my computer. It's almost as good as stashing and well, frankly, it's easier on our bank account. ;o)

So happy with this selection that I put together virtually (it can be tricky when you haven't seen any of the fabrics in person).  More exciting is that I even have a project lined up for these beauties.
This week though, this fool for fabric, came home from work to discover a wonderful parcel.  Chock full of a selection of fat quarters that I decided to treat myself to.  I have been longing to lay my hands on some Cotton + Steel basics and the fabric in the top right hand corner became the guide to the rest of my choices.  I'm in love.

Thanks so much to Pam and her staff for the treat of shopping with them (that gift certificate was so worth waiting to spend ;o). 

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Paint the Town

I can hardly believe that this project dates back to a year ago. Maybe you will remember  "Paint the Town" as my entry in the 2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge: Radiant Orchid?
The Calgary Tower is a recognizable landmark of this city and works beautifully as a paint chip silhouette.

 In any case, I'm glad to be able to share this recent finish.  This piece has been one of those that took me far too long to decide how I would quilt and bind.  It was a matter of too many ideas!  Sounds silly, no doubt, but I think I was mostly stuck on how to proceed for fear of messing this up.

Love all those solid purples for the paint chips!

Finally, this winter, I decided that it needed finishing, not perfection. ;o)  Funny, how that freed my mind up to take action.  The quilting couldn't be simpler, really.  I outlined the buildings and the seams between the paint chips to keep the silhouette the feature, while stitching long loops on the low volume background to symbolize the fresh, clean air our city enjoys.  A text print in purple answered my problem of what to use for binding - obvious now, but something I didn't even consider earlier.

This mini quilt makes me so glad I entered the challenge (pushing me to design something far different from my usual aesthetics and colours) and gives me a memory quilt for that day in the future when I won't be living in this city.

"Paint the Town" a mini quilt tribute to Calgary's downtown skyline.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Sweetheart Mini Quilt

You may remember that early this month I was busy scrap busting 1.5" squares from my stash in order to make some mini patchwork hearts?  Wednesday, there was a peek at some machine embroidery.  Well, today I can show you it was all for one project, a mini quilt.
Sweetheart Mini after appliqueing and before quilting.
Yesterday, I was ready to do the quilting, add binding and turn this idea into a finish!

Quilting with my vintage Singer 201 (the quilt was pieced using my Singer 15-91).  I love my vintage Singers!
My lovely Singer 201 was used to machine quilt a freehand grid of wavy lines across the top.  I debated other quilting designs, but again, simple won out. ;o)

The binding made use of trimmings from the backing of my Impromptu quilt, which added a nice pop of red (and dots.. oh, my!) to frame things. 

My Sweetheart Mini made use of all the patchwork hearts I stitched from 1.5" scraps in reds, pinks a few purples for good measure.

The last stitch sewn, I immediately went to hang my mini above the loveseat in our living room.

A matching set of Sweethearts.  There's even a table runner to add to the scrappy heart collection (click here).

Oh, look!  There just happens to be a sweetheart pillow to match. ;o)  Woohoo! That's two scrappy projects completed this month and a happy finish to my week.  Hope your week has been a good one!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday WIP - Machine Applique

The weather here has turned all winter on us again, with colder temperatures and new snow after the mild, above freezing weather, yesterday. We've gone back and forth with snow and then no snow several times already this winter. The temperature has been up more than down this winter, giving us lots of breaks, so I can't complain about a harsh winter. One. Little. Bit.  However, this recent change, means that instead of feeling and looking like Spring (with our snow melted away... was that only a day ago?!?), winter is back
Since it's snowing like crazy, picture taking indoors is a bit trickier, but here's a glimpse at some machine applique I'm stitching. Sew much fun!  I'm making good progress and enjoying the process, making me even more excited to finish this project (soon would be great! ;o).
Hope you find some stitching time today - it works wonders for the spirits while we wait for Spring.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday making

Kicking off the week with a peek at progress on one of my current projects.  Remember the paper piecing fun I had at the end of last year participating in Julianna's Last Minute Christmas Sampler QAL?  I've finished quilting one of my favourite blocks.
I kept the quilting simple with free hand softly curving lines forming a loose grid.

Now to choose a backing fabric and turn this into a finished project!

Hope your week is off to a great start and like me, that this will be the only snowflake(s) you see today. We're supposed to have plus temperatures today, so the little snow we received last week should be gone. Woohoo!
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